Knitted Baby Blanket Attempt

When my sister announced she was pregnant, I decided I’d knit a baby blanket. I felt tremendously smug as I chose a pattern and soft cotton yarn, patting myself on the back for my D.I.Y. resourcefulness and future thoughtful auntie status. I was thrilled to be moving beyond scarves and to be climbing another rung towards the knitting big leagues

It was going to look like this:

I have since discovered that it is, in fact, important to count rows (as instructed) and not enough to eyeball a knitted square and decide it is the correct size.

Instead of birthing a cutesy blanket I could show off at any given baby shower, I am left with a humbling collection of misshapen squares that don’t fit together properly.

So much for the knitted heirloom that was going to be proudly passed on through generations, my legacy as the cool crafty aunt cemented for all time.

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