Another Missed Holiday

How do these crafty superstars do it? Although I am not really a fan of the Hallmark manufactured romance of Valentine’s Day I do like the idea of making something crafty¬†for The Sweetie and other loved ones.

Alas, my fantasies of my dear ones being dazzled by handcrafted Valentine loveliness are but a pipe dream. The day has come and gone and I have been nowhere near a glue stick or a baking tray.

I obviously have a time management problem. This is not a revelation for me or anyone who knows me but I am still perplexed by my inability to organize my time and juggle a few projects at the same time. I’m especially disturbed when I look at other people who work as many hours as I do, have kids and dogs, and still have time to bake custards, write books, sew their own clothes, grow their own vegetables and commemorate every holiday with homemade goods and hand-rolled truffles. I am childless with a low maintenance cat and my accomplishment of the week is that I am up to date on the latest episodes of Lost and Survivor. Hmm. Perhaps therein lies the problem.

Here are a few Valentine projects I’m sure I’ll do next year when everything will be different:



Next year.

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