Failed Knitted Corsage

I had big plans this week. I was all set to make a lovely knitted corsage for my friend’s birthday. The pattern was from a beginner’s knitting book a crafty friend had picked up for me at the Goodwill. I figured I’d whip it off in no time, make a card and attach it to the envelope. It would be a heartfelt gift that she would treasure for always, and she’d proudly sport the corsage on her lapel like a crafty granny version of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City.


As is the case with many of my knitted projects, I am often a victim of hubris. While patting myself on the back and fantasizing about the praise I’d receive for being such a crafty goddess, I forgot that I was supposed to follow the pattern. I also forgot that I’m not actually a good crafter. The end result did not form anything remotely resembling a flower. Instead I seem to have created a miniature beret, which would be perfect if my friend’s head was the size of a well developed plum. Alas, I could only present her with a store bought, unadorned card and a pathetic story of my thwarted good intentions.


3 Responses to “Failed Knitted Corsage”

  1. thetravellingyogi Says:

    you are crafty! you took a failed flower (and who needs another knitted flower anyway…and made a fantastic beret for monkey!
    …i’m sure there are not that many monkey berets around…bravo!

  2. zoltan Says:

    this story reminds me of my own failed attempt at your beach birthday card… and as you assured me back then, it is the thought that counts… so worry not… besides, carrie bradshaw is a shallow cow :-)

  3. cheap girl Says:

    You’re both very kind! At least monkey is enjoying his hat!