Birthday Owls

Today is my lovely friend’s birthday, although the celebrations started a few days ago with a surprise party. It was a marvelous evening of sitting under grape vines surrounded by warm and funny people. Unfortunately, I consumed my own weight in cheese  followed by a chaser of dreamy chocolate-brownie-cookie offerings that were too good to resist.

I had been busy at work on a couple of surprises for the delightful birthday girl. She is a big fan of owls which is appropriate considering she is such a wise creature. And being a yoga instructor I wouldn’t be surprised if she is able to spin her head all the way around (in a benevolent owl way, not a scary Linda Blair exorcist way).

Being a child of the seventies, I thought she’d appreciate this crafty concoction.  It embodies seventies crafty chic, that golden decade of macrame wall hangings and crochet toilet roll covers.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think about how to close the flap until after I finished it, so I had to make a makeshift buttonhole and sew on a button. I am hoping that my friend will see this somewhat distracting addition as an homage to her yogic practice and interpret it as a third eye or bindi.

I also made her a second owl that has no purpose whatsoever and looks more like a bunny with stunted ears. I completed her assortment of treats with a few hair pins that I made with vintage buttons.

I hope that the birthday girl will remember that it is the thought that counts.

One Response to “Birthday Owls”

  1. thetravellingyogi Says:

    i’m thrilled that my little owls got to hang out in the lovely tree branches before they made it home to me…i think i’m going to make them a crafty nest!