More on My Pickle Loot Bags

The Sweetie tried to have a rational conversation with me about my beloved new pickle loot bags.

“You know that some people might not feel the magic of the pickle loot bags.”

“What on earth do you mean? They’re brilliant. Look at them. The pickle is like a pickle version of Mr.Peanut without the monocle. Look how eager he is to share his pickles. He ’s so proud of them! How could someone not appreciate him? ”


“Some people will just think the pickle bags are crazy.”

“You’re telling me a person wouldn’t be thrilled to received a pickle party favour? Come on! You’re leaving a party and the hostess says “wait a minute, here you go,” and hands you a pickle loot bag with a pickle in it? You’re telling me you wouldn’t thrilled?”

“That’s what I’m telling you. I’d be disturbed. And I’d think that the hostess is slightly crazy.”


“Don’t get me wrong. There are some people who will love your pickle loot bags just as much as you do. There are some people who will be disturbed but will love them because they are from you and there are some people who will never understand and just think you’re bananas. Not everyone dreams of pickle loot bags or wants to come to the unveiling of your gnome terrarium or gaze admiringly at your cupcakes adorned with creepy woodland scenes. Some people will just think that you are creepy.”

“Well those people will never get a pickle loot bag then. They won’t deserve one.”

5 Responses to “More on My Pickle Loot Bags”

  1. ann shields Says:

    love you & your blog, but I too find the pickle bags a little creepy……obviously & thankfully not deserving one

  2. cheap girl Says:

    Thank you! Never say never, you may learn to love the creepy pickle guy…

  3. Mlle Ciel Says:

    Nothing would make me happier than to be handed a pickle bag complete with yummy homemade pickle on departing from someone’s house. “What a remarkable and thoughtful hostess!”, I would think.

  4. cheap girl Says:

    And your thoughts would be correct!

  5. Pickle-A-Thon | my sweet cheap life Says:

    [...] importantly of course, I now have many pickles to put in my pickle loot bags. No guest in our home will walk away empty handed thanks to my parents secret recipe and hard [...]