Boozy Birthday Bus

This past weekend, it was my lovely Libra friend’s birthday and to celebrate she rented a bus for her friends to go wine tasting in Ontario’ s Niagara region. It was the best field trip ever!

We met in a parking lot with coffees in hand and lunches packed for an afternoon of glorious fall colours, wine tastings galore and loads of good cheer. We were expecting a cute little school bus and were surprised when a big white prison style bus arrived.


I was finally able to use my squirrel loot bags that I had ordered from Bake it Pretty (home of the pickle loot bags that have been the subject of much derision from those who obviously don’t understand fine party favours). I had ordered the squirrel bags specifically for the birthday girl, as she continues to unjustifiably demonize squirrels. Of all the woodland creatures to vilify, I don’t know why she has chosen squirrels. She calls them liars, deeply offended by their apparent duplicitous ways, tricking people into giving them nuts because of their cute, fluffy tails.

Take that fluffy tail away and they are nothing but rats,” she always says.

I find her judgment unnecessarily harsh and as a result I have campaigned for years on behalf of squirrels by presenting her with irresistible squirrel paraphernalia. To celebrate this birthday I filled the squirrel loot bags with cookies and macaroons. I hoped that with such a delicious offering on our boozy bus ride, she would find a new appreciation for the generous misunderstood squirrel.


It was a splendid day. We managed to stop at six beautiful wineries. The vineyards were perfect, awash in brilliant autumn hues and the company was delightful. Our bus felt warm and festive, and although the wine surely helped, I think it was squirrel love that fuelled our magic penitentiary bus.

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