Dreams of Beading Glory

The other night I braved blustery winds to meet my crafting buddy for a jewellery making workshop at The Sassy Bead Company. We have talked about making jewellery from found objects and Goodwill discoveries for a while but were intimidated by our lack of skills. My friend had tried to be proactive and had even borrowed jewellery making books from the library, but then confessed to me, sighing, “there is so much text, as if they actually expect me to read instructions. I just couldn’t be bothered to make the effort.” We are both better at visuals rather than long winded instructions so when we found an introductory workshop we signed up, giddy with excitement.

We learned some basic techniques and congratulated each other on our ability to use pliers and string beads on wire. Unfortunately we both managed to snap our stretchy beaded bracelets, having miscalculated the girth of our wrists. Perhaps we are not as delicate and fine boned as we thought. Afterward we celebrated our new future as jewellery makers over cheap Japanese food.

My crafty friend and I dream of  becoming crafting moguls and leading lives of creative fulfillment with our dogs in a country farmhouse. I believe he is actually closer to reaching this goal because he already has a dog and he actually makes things rather than just talking about making things. He often has The Sweetie and I over for elaborate dinners that we eat from a table he has refashioned from a discarded door. He wraps homemade gifts with banana leaves. He makes little creatures from socks. He made me a book of dog photos he had taken during his year living in Barcelona (we had an agreement that if he managed to seduce Javier Bardem he would share him with me). He makes furry throw pillows that resemble Chewbacca. He is immensely talented and I could hate him if he wasn’t so delightful. I think it helps that he doesn’t have a television.

I returned home from the workshop with visions of being a round-nosed-plier goddess. Instead of springing into action, however, I watched back to back episodes of True Blood. It is impossible for me to do anything crafty and productive while watching True Blood as I have to watch the show with a blanket wrapped around my neck as protection from the TV vampires. I don’t know what it says about me that I continue to have dreams of glory, crafting and otherwise, yet my lazy, disorganized side always wins. Am I deluded, an eternal optimist or a late bloomer? Something to ponder after I finish watching the entire first season of True Blood.

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