A Soggy Return

I have returned from soggy, rainy British Columbia to reports of having missed unseasonably balmy, sunny days in Toronto. No matter.

I braved a couple of walks along the beach on Gabriola Island, secretly congratulating myself on my hardy outdoorsy nature. It felt good to feel the sea air and the wind whipping my cheeks. It felt even better to be cozied up by the wood stove indoors, toasty warm, reading, napping and sipping tea. All guilt free I might add, something I cannot accomplish at home when I am all too aware of chores or a nagging feeling that I should be more productive. During my time away I was satisfied with reading a book from start to finish, having conspiratorial giggles with my sister-in-law, and participating in the baking of perhaps the most magnificent chocolate cake of all time. I also managed to see a giant bald eagle, a wild turkey on a hydro wire, and was charged by an evil red beaked black swan, all in the span of twenty four hours.


Visiting The Sweetie’s sister in Victoria was delightful as always. The sogginess prevailed with tumultuous clouds and a wind that hurts the ears and causes an ice cream style headache. Playing tourist, however, makes those little annoyances tolerable. Days filled with steaming lattes, lingering over treats and meandering arm in arm with The Sweetie negated most of the grey dreariness. As is required with every jaunt to Victoria, I had to go to Smoking Lily, an adorable teeny tiny store filled with delightful silk screened goodies. Everything was lovely as always, including the staff. The owner actually braved the rain to walk from her studio to the shop to bring me a dress in my size, nestled under her rain slicker like a baby bird. They recommended Hernande’z, an amazing taco place hidden in a mall that we would have never found on our own. We lunched there both days, instantly addicted to the unbelievably fresh tortillas with big sprigs of cilantro presented on butcher paper rather than plates, 5 for a mere $5.00.


Any break from routine is welcome, especially during the dark days of November. A break combined with the warmth of family, strolling time with The Sweetie, chocolate cake and a wild turkey sighting? Well, that is an extra mighty fine break indeed. Nice try mean old rain clouds. You didn’t manage to dampen my fun.

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  1. mlle_ciel Says:

    I’m so glad you’re back so we can get new blog postings. Those tacos look fantastic!!!