Attitude and Cash at BMV

Really, you surly hipster employee at the BMV Bookstore in your American Apparel outfit, do you hate me and my books that much? Is it that taxing to rifle through a few of my books and cd’s and decide what might be acceptable in your store? I’m sorry I tore you away from the extremely stimulating task of pricing dvd’s. I get it that you are tremendously bored with me, as you made abundantly clear from your sighs and eye rolls, but being bored doesn’t instantly make you interesting. In fact, your attitude is boring. You’re boring. I have encountered much more interesting people than you who still manage to be nice and make eye contact and have a slight inflection to their voice and offer a thank you or a you’re welcome or a see you around or even a grimace. If you are that bored, slumped in your seat like Gollum at the BMV buying desk, maybe you should call in sick, smoke some cigarettes and write some angst ridden poetry or something. Don’t take it out on a poor girl like me who just wants to sell some unwanted books and put a few coins towards her beach vacation fund and make Peter Walsh the decluttering expert proud. How dare you make me feel like an old curmudgeon shaking my cane and complaining about kids today having no respect or manners. You awful little hipster. You know what? I took some of that money you dropped on the desk in return for my books and I treated myself and The Sweetie to a delightful lunch at Sushi on Bloor. We enjoyed every scrumptious delightful bite. It was on you, you silly surly buying desk troll, and it was dee-licious.


One Response to “Attitude and Cash at BMV”

  1. misscrowland Says:

    I’ve found the BMV at Yonge and Eglington is much better. The man there even thanked me for the books I sold him! If a BMV ever pops up on Ossington, I pray for us all…