Cutest Book Bag Ever

I happen to know a delightful young lady who just turned five. She is very adept at operatic singing while brandishing a grilled cheese sandwich as a conductor’s baton, as well as having numerous other talents.

I spotted an adorable book bag by Pupa Pupa and decided that it would be perfect for my wee friend. I am particularly taken with the bespectacled bookworm in his own pocket. I would love to have a bookworm pet who would attempt to read over my shoulder and inch his way across the pages. Perhaps I am imposing my own likes on this kid just a little bit. I insist on buying her books although she prefers playing soccer. I also make her toys serenade her, even though she continues to inform me that they are not real. Too bad. That’s what happens when you are five. You have to suck it up and get presents you may not want because you don’t get an allowance yet and can’t find a job so you can’t buy your own treats. She will get the adorable book bag even if she fills it with soccer boots instead of books and is immune to the charm of the four-eyed worm.

It is handy that I already have an awesome book to slip into her bag, aptly titled An Awesome Book. It talks of dreaming big impossible whimsical dreams. Fantastical quirky dreams are all too quickly pushed aside for practical ones, and this book makes an impassioned plea for “dancing wild animals with diamond-coated wings” and “to dream a dream as big as big could ever dream to be”. It makes a case for crazy colourful dreams over dreams of a new car or matching silverware or breakfast sandwiches (not that there is anything wrong with dreaming of breakfast sandwiches). It urges us to dream for those who don’t dream at all, and for those who’s dreams have died. I get choked up reading it, so not only will I be the adult who gives books instead of cool toys or sporting equipment, I will also be the weirdo who can’t get through story time without falling apart. So be it. Every kid needs one of those in their life.


One Response to “Cutest Book Bag Ever”

  1. D'Andrea Says:

    Hey! I’m glad bookworm and bag are off to a good home :) It’s so great to nourish a love of reading at a young age. and soccer. also- thanks for book tip, will check it out for my 5 yr old!