Vanity is a Dangerous Thing

I was getting ready for a Hot Docs marathon yesterday. I had back to back movies and being a fan of snacks I had prepared assorted foodstuffs ahead of time.

I realized that I needed a bigger bag for carrying all of my movie snack bounty. I selected the woven bag I bought in Mexico during my glorious beach vacation. It is adorable, with green and yellow embroidered roses and is a perfect vessel for all of my movie snacks. I slipped the bag across my shoulder, posed in front of the mirror and was instantly enchanted. I looked like a foxy documentary film goer – arty, independent and irresistibly fetching. Perhaps I’d be mistaken for a free thinking European filmmaker.  I was still admiring my reflection while placing my enormous water bottle in my bag, completely missed the opening, and dropped it on my big toe.

My toe is killing me. It is as bruised and swollen as my ego. I insist on showing it to The Sweetie on an hourly basis. If my toenail falls off just in time for sandal weather I am going to be very very angry.

Vanity is a dangerous beast. Narcissus died looking at his own reflection. My big toe died a little today because I thought I was too adorable for my own good. My cute bag and massive ego are properly humbled.

2 Responses to “Vanity is a Dangerous Thing”

  1. mlle_ciel Says:

    Poor girl! Poor toe!

  2. drollgirl Says:

    BAH! you are too much! and i hope your toe is going to be ok!

    and you left the best comments on my blog today. LAUGH OUT LOUD funny. you are a scream.

    p.s. when i was a teenager a friend and i snuck a freshly baked pizza into the movie theater. when the lights dimmed and we opened up the box, there were howls of protest as everybody could smell it (and we had zero interest in sharing it). it was glorious.