When Will My Pet Bulldog Be Delivered?

I am waiting for my dog. I’d love a dog like this magical creature so that we could watch television together, share snacks and give each other the stink eye for hogging the converter.

5 Responses to “When Will My Pet Bulldog Be Delivered?”

  1. SpaGirl849 Says:

    I am thinking this fella is not into the “sharing the love” of control over the remote, snack or anything else. The finessing of stink eye is masterful on his part…I am thinking you need something more ’snuggly’ ( I have a brown dog available btw ;) )

  2. tim Says:

    Seriously? You’re getting a dog???? YAY!!!!

  3. Astra Says:

    I would immediately get my couches recovered :(

  4. drollgirl Says:

    this dog is so fab. i want a dog! i love them! my twat landlord won’t let me get a dog since i already have two cats.

    can’t wait to see your dog!!!!!!! and to hear what you name it!

  5. cheap girl Says:

    Alas, the dog is only in my fantasies so far, before anyone starts picking out new doggie beds and treats for me. ..