Knitting Night Baking

I am seeing my fake knitting group tonight.  So far we have yet to knit anything but our intentions are good and it is always a night of great food, camaraderie and future plans of crafting superstardom.

Tonight we will be meeting our friend’s new baby, eating middle eastern food and watching Spinal Tap. I am bringing peanut butter brownies, or at least the half remaining after The Sweetie and I “tested” them. I would probably be a little more smug about my tasty offering if I hadn’t stumbled across this: cupcakes topped with marzipan balls of wool. Then again, if I am not finding the time and wherewithal to knit, I can’t really expect myself to be making miniature scarves and balls of wool from marzipan, now can I?

2 Responses to “Knitting Night Baking”

  1. zoltan Says:

    Oh, i’m jealous, please take me with you! (even if the cupcakes look a bit like poo dotted with playdough…i’m glad you went for the brownies instead! )

  2. Sarah Says:

    Groups like this don’t always accomplish what they set out to do (like my book club!), but they usually manage to get at something even better. This sounds like an amazing night and I love your cupcakes!