Sniffly Soup Day

I have a cold. I was super cocky the other day talking about how I never get a flu shot, never had one, never will get one. Being the paranoid conspiracy theorist that I am, I don’t trust the flu shot and am willing to take my chances. I should have known better than to say it out loud. That was asking for trouble. Now I am one of those awful mouth breathers and my head feels like a watermelon. I am a sniffly, coughing, vile mess.

Obviously this day was screaming for soup. I made a delicious bright yellow mulligatawny soup from a recipe I found on this delightful blog.

I painted my nails a cadaverous grey to match my mood, my pallor and my choice of movie tonight, Let The Right One In, the Swedish vampire film that is supposed to be amazing. I will languish under a blanket and feel like I am one with the undead. Hopefully the comforting soup will warm me enough that I can rise again tomorrow.

One Response to “Sniffly Soup Day”

  1. drollgirl Says:

    I painted my nails a cadaverous grey to match my mood?!?!? you are so funny! and i love the way you write!

    and i still don’t want a flu shot. then again, i really don’t want the flu, either. LOL.