The Ridiculous and the Sublime

“There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

I am stepping from the sublime to the ridiculous today and plan to enjoy every minute of it. This afternoon I will be hearing the Dalai Lama speak about human approaches to world peace at the Rogers Centre. Considering he smacked me on the head in a dream last year and inspired me to take up meditation, the least I can do is attend his lecture.

I will follow his message of peace and love by attending a reading by John Waters, king of filth, at Harbourfront as part of their International Festival of Authors. I believe that I am still harbouring some low level trauma from seeing Polyester, when I was twelve, with my dad. It was a spontaneous father daughter outing to the local multiplex theatre at the mall. We were a Sound of Music, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, musical watching kind of family and had no idea what we were getting into. The film left my sheltered, unicorn-loving, twelve year old brain spinning. Over the years my love for John Waters’ films hasn’t developed, but my adoration for his outrageous, quirky personality, is through the roof.

I love the yin and yang of my day. It is all about balance after all.

One Response to “The Ridiculous and the Sublime”

  1. drollgirl Says:

    ha!!!! well that is quite a contrast!

    i’d be down with the john waters part of your day. he is a scream.

    i have a dalai lama story, but i don’t think i should share it. may he bring you peace or tranquility, or anything but a real smack on the head!!!