Decluttering Nightmare

The day began with high hopes. I had the day off. Since I am self-employed I shouldn’t be overly excited when I don’t have work, but I was excited nonetheless. I made arrangements to meet another self-employed friend to finally see the film Never Let Me Go. I was excited to see a movie featuring angst, British schoolgirl tweed and itchy sweaters. Perhaps it would inspire me sartorially and help me say goodbye to my summer sundresses for a couple of seasons.

Unfortunately I misread the theatre times and our matinee dreams were dashed. Instead we drank coffee, lots of it, until I hit a caffeine wall. I took my jittery self home, determined to do a massive de-clutter of my massive clutter.

I am now surrounded by terrifying mounds that have tripped me multiple times and I am worried that The Sweetie will not find my broken body among the piles of hoarded rubble. I am staring at a bag of enormous nuts and bolts, belonging to what, I don’t know. I am smelling mildewy piles of fabric that I had been saving for the craft projects I never do, and something is making me extremely itchy. I am hesitant to throw out a large cardboard box that I have been saving to build a house for the cat because I think he is bored and depressed and needs a more stimulating environment.

I am vacillating between panic, despair and defeat. The only thing I can do is wait for The Sweetie to come home with tonic water and limes. I have placed an order for a gin and tonic and will try to clear a path to the freezer for easy access to the ice cube tray.

5 Responses to “Decluttering Nightmare”

  1. Mlle Ciel Says:

    Good luck with all that. If you need me to take some coloured pyrex bowls off your hands, just let me know….

  2. drollgirl Says:

    glad to hear your priorities are in order with the gin and tonic path! lol!

    it will be ok!!!

    i am a big chucker. i chuck with GLEE. i love getting rid of stuff. sadly sometimes i get rid of too much stuff, but whaddya gonna do but repeat the cycle over and over again.

    p.s. i think my cats are bored and depressed and a little lackluster about life. or perhaps i am projecting?! a more stimulating environment would be nice for all, no? hahahahah

  3. cheap girl Says:

    Too bad our cats couldn’t meet and have play dates!

  4. Mlle Ciel Says:

    What? No response to my offer to take pyrex bowls off your hands?

  5. cheap girl Says:

    The pyrex bowls stay with me woman! Maybe you need to rid yourself of some cumbersome pyrex bowls yourself, hmmmm?!