Got To Get Out of Here!

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a weird beast.  I was pulling out my summer clothes to pack for my free beach vacation, mere days away, and suddenly I felt so overwhelmed and dejected that all I could do was crawl under the covers, under my heaps of summer clothes and cry. Logically I know I should be polishing off my maracas, jumping for joy and hugging my beloved summer frocks, but instead I am crushed by this weight of winter misery.

It is comforting to know that I suffer from SAD rather than when I didn’t know what it was and spent the winter convinced that I was losing my mind. Relief will come. The days will get longer again and the darkness, heaviness and fog will release me. In the meantime, I take it hour by hour, relishing the things that make me smirk before I sink back again.

I love the brilliant Travelocity commercial from last year involving the crazed gnome. His maniacal singing while sitting with his Cheetos feels eerily familiar. I’d love him to drop by and sit on the couch with me. We could eat snacks and hum together.

3 Responses to “Got To Get Out of Here!”

  1. Sweet Kitchen Says:

    LOL! Have a great time. I think perhaps some onion rings and beer are in order when you’re back!

  2. cheap girl Says:

    I am definitely in!!

  3. Astra Says:

    Your maracas, your crazy gnomes, your cervazas and you will all soon be in heaven…just bide your time.
    PS Have fun!