Uber Swap In Leslieville

I am dusting off my mouth guard and getting ready to rumble. My friend is hosting a mega clothing swap in Leslieville tomorrow and I am sure the clothing sharks are already smelling the blood in the water. I am thrilled and terrified at the same time. I love a good clothing swap. I am always in the market for free goodies and now in the dead of winter I am really feeling the need for free pick me ups. I have enjoyed many a clothing swap with my girlfriends, but they have always been civilized affairs involving lots of wine, snacks and the ability to openly shame anyone who becomes too aggressive and greedy. I am apprehensive about dealing with crazed strangers in a fashion frenzy. I am a shy and retiring sort, definitely more of a lover than a fighter. Nonetheless, a girl has to pick her battles, and this is a noble fight. I will have to channel my winter angst and aggression to ensure that I walk away with an armful of free goodies and minimal bruises.

3 Responses to “Uber Swap In Leslieville”

  1. drollgirl Says:

    put that lover away and embrace your inner fighter! SEEK AND DESTROY! and may the most ruthless chick win. :)

  2. aig63 Says:

    Okay, I have just been invited to my very first clothing swap and will need advice – or more importantly – strategic advice!! How did it go?

  3. cheap girl Says:

    How exciting! Lucky you! Grab first, think later, that is the best strategy. Every woman for herself…Can’t wait to hear what you nabbed!