Hellish Germs

I spent last weekend in Boston visiting my sister, niece and nephew. My niece is a living doll with sumo wrestler thighs and my nephew has a tiny voice that makes any of his chatter completely endearing.

Alas, the wee rug rats were riddled with germs, and I returned to a doozy of a virus that has left me flattened, barf bucket by the bedside.

“Remember that I always loved you,” I’d croak tragically from the bed when The Sweetie would check on me.

“Can I get you anything?” He’d ask, his mouth covered protectively, keeping a safe distance away from my toxic germs.

“Just a gun. I’m ready to go,” I’d whisper.

“In that case can I eat your Cadbury’s chocolate egg?” He asked.

I am slowly mending, although when I do a mental inventory of food groups, most still make my stomach churn. Not the long gone Cadbury’s egg, though. I feel pretty confident that I could stomach some therapeutic chocolate. It is disconcerting for someone like me to want to shun food. Sadly, I checked the scale and my suffering hasn’t yielded a smidgen of weight loss. Sometimes there is no justice.

2 Responses to “Hellish Germs”

  1. drollgirl Says:

    YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!! and i sure hope you feel better soon!!!!!

    i constantly have fantasies of losing weight. and i get really excited at the thought of looking good. and then i grab a beer and a bag of chips and continue fantasizing. needless to say, the weight loss has not become a reality!

  2. aig63 Says:

    Hope you’re better and your African Violet is still blooming! Your post reminded me of a line from The Devil Wears Prada: “I’m one stomach flu away from my goal weight”! It’s just not worth it though, is it?