I’ve Found My New Winter Home

My lovely cousin invited me to join her the other day at the Iyashi Bedrock Spa for an hour of sweaty bliss. She has been training for the Ottawa half marathon, running through blizzards and freezing rain, and had earned a little spa time. I had walked to two separate stores three blocks away from each other the other night when hunting for Cadbury’s Caramilk eggs, so I was feeling pretty virtuous and entitled to some spa time myself.

Rock bathing spas are popular in Japan and involve lying on heated stone slabs and sweating like a maniac. I plan to move into this spa next winter when I morph into a living popsicle. It was heavenly to feel like a lady of leisure rather than dealing with clients and having a breakdown over my taxes.

After the spa we stuffed ourselves on Pad Thai. She needs to carb load since she is going to run the Sporting Life ten kilometre run this weekend, “for fun”. I remember doing that run years ago. My only proof is a photo of me running, looking remarkably like Al Pacino wearing frameless sunglasses.  I didn’t need to carb load, obviously, but I wanted to be supportive and I love Pad Thai. It was a lovely afternoon. I floated home damp, stuffed and delighted.

2 Responses to “I’ve Found My New Winter Home”

  1. drollgirl Says:

    pad thai! NOM NOM! it is so good! i have been on carb overload lately. so tasty! nom nom!

    yesterday i figured it was may 1 and i should exercise HARD this month (since i was such a slacker for most of the month of april). and i grumbled and grumbled yesterday and finally got off my fat ass and did a work out, and i jacked up my back. so so dumb! part of me thinks i did it on purpose so that i wouldn’t have to work out today. lol.

    p.s. so many freaks (not that your cousin is a freak — well maybe she is) are running marathons. i cannot IMAGINE doing that. and i SHOULD DO IT. holy hell, i should. last week i heard a story about runners and that knee injuries from running are pretty much a myth…that running is a great way to keep in shape, no matter what the age. but THEN they said you really shouldn’t run if you are overweight, as it is too taxing on the body/the knees if you are more than a few pounds overweight. so i was kind of relieved to hear THAT, so i can just stick with walking. lol

  2. aig63 Says:

    I am counting on Soul Sistahs weekend for similar spa bliss and carb loading :)