A New Cuff Obsession is Born

Is it wrong to feel short of breath when I look at these heavenly delights? Is it weird that my heart beats like a jackrabbit and I may have squealed just a little when I discovered them? Is it very un-Buddhist of me to covet something so much? Is it shallow of me to want a cuff more than enlightenment and freedom from material objects? Is it too much to ask for a long lost wealthy friend to reappear during my birthday month to deliver one of these babies?

Yes, it is wrong, but how can I not feel a little crazed when these lovelies are so beautiful? Sigh.

3 Responses to “A New Cuff Obsession is Born”

  1. drollgirl Says:

    dude! i want them, too! all of them!!!!! i am going to hold my breath when i click on the link and check the prices!

    p.s. my outdoorsy attempts were not so successful this weekend. lol! i sat and read a book on my patio for a little bit, until the sun started SCORCHING my skin. lol. oh well! does it count that i keep the windows open at my house year-round? does that make me outdoorsy?

  2. drollgirl Says:

    um, glad to hear that we don’t have to compete for thor boy. lol.

    hope you have a fab weekend, girlie! :)

  3. Linda Hall Says:

    Back reading this wonderful wonderful BLOG!!!
    THe bracelets are divine and the one with the HUMMINGBIRD is my fav.
    AS for the birthday what about a date for another freebie- in our hood-croissant and coffee on me.
    It has been far too long and Declan, Amelia’s wonderboy, arrives this week. Can we entice you ??
    XXX miss you and think of you so often..have to get back in the groove- been far out of it!