Hello Mug

I discovered this etsy genius on the milk blog┬áthe other day and I laughed out loud. I needed a laugh. I was PMS-ing, stressed out and on the verge of killing someone. The Sweetie was scared. I was scared. Anyone who wasn’t scared should have been scared. Then I saw the mug and I was happy. I ordered it immediately. A coffee cup that can make me laugh and prevent me from causing grave harm should be a household necessity.

If there was one thing that got a smirk out of me back in the day it was Lionel Ritchie’s Hello video. The creepy storyline portrayed Lionel as a teacher lusting after his blind student. I especially loved it when he telephones her and then basically hangs up on her. Lionel Ritchie was crank calling a blind girl! I loved it all.

Hopefully Lionel’s “mug” greeting me with a steaming coffee will brighten foul mornings and make the world a safer place.

One Response to “Hello Mug”

  1. drollgirl Says:

    i howled with laughter when i saw this!!!!!!