Hot Docs and Talking Dogs

Hot Docs, my favourite of all favourite festivals, is on right now. So far I have filled my film dance card with nothing but heavy dark movies involving broken hearted convicts, pedophiles, murderous warlords and dysfunctional families. They have been moving and provoking but I have been feeling a little spent as a result. Perfect time to cheer myself with a talking dog.

3 Responses to “Hot Docs and Talking Dogs”

  1. Daina Says:

    Usually, I ignore your endearing cute and goofy animal thingies. It’s your thang, but not mine. But this one — oh the talking dog! — cracked me up. Thank you so much for posting it. Awesome!

  2. drollgirl Says:

    LOL!!! this is hilarious!!!

    i have a cat that CLEARLY associates my comings and goings with food. anytime i get home he looks at me and LICKS HIS LIPS. for reals. pavlov’s dog = drollgirl’s cat!

  3. aig63 Says:

    Are you kidding me? This is cruel! Poor dog. You know… I note a faint resemblance to my meatatarian son (you remember the one?); only this poor dog showed no signs of drooling – which my son is apt to do while talking about meat.
    Please post about your hot docs too! I love to live the experience through your posts!!