Father’s Day

The fantastic Dad’s are the Original Hipsters blog was featured in the Globe and Mail this week  just in time for Father’s Day. It shows dads rocking jaunty hats, drinking craft beers and using Leica cameras long before today’s hipsters decided to appropriate them. So much of what we think is cutting edge is just recycled in a new package. I should be more charitable but I often want to roll my eyes at cooler-than-thou hipsters that think they are edgy when they all look the same. Maybe I am irritated by hipsters because I am just not cool enough, or I am too old, or I missed the boat. I spent most of my life wearing nerdy glasses so the idea of wearing giant glasses to look ironic is lost on me. Maybe I am bitter because I have an abnormally large head so I would never be able to wear a Tribly hat.

But back to dads. My dad was and is a cool cat. A number of my girlfriends had, and still have, crushes on him. My dad can out-cool any of today’s hipsters prancing around in their big glasses and fedoras. He rocked the wide lapels, safari suits and artful facial hair like nobody’s business in the seventies. He rolled his own cigarettes, barbecued massive steaks and made kick-ass snowmen in the winter, perfecting them long after my sister and I had gone back inside. He used to mow the lawn in a Speedo, his chest hairs oiled up with Hawaiian Tropic, setting the neighbourhood ladies’ hearts aflutter. He is the king of inappropriate jokes, teases me mercilessly, and I love every minute of it. He is cool because he isn’t trying and that is always coolest of all.

In honour of him I will be barbequing steaks today. A giant hunk of meat sitting so close to my veggie burger on the grill scares me just a little but I am happy to do it. He will probably wear some over-sized shades and make gagging noises at my vegetarian options. I would have it no other way.

2 Responses to “Father’s Day”

  1. drollgirl Says:

    i think i love your dad! and he is lucky to have a daughter as fab as you.

    side note: death to all hipster doofuses. i hate them!

  2. aig63 Says:

    A hip tribute :)