Summer Road Trip

It is officially summer, which means I am already panicking that it will fly by too quickly. Rather than live in the moment I spend the winter wishing the dark days away, then when summer finally arrives I immediately begin to dread the return of itchy sweaters. Between bouts of winter anxiety I am determined to squeeze out every drop of summer until the first awful autumn leaf falls.

To kick off my summer campaign, The Sweetie and I are going on our first road trip of the season. We will drive with the windows open and the tunes blaring and I will force him to sing duets with me. Jacked up on sugar and caffeine, my car singing will be even more tuneless than usual. We will see a Hollywood blockbuster at the Mustang drive-in. It is owned by an old, hairy hippy who shares rambling peace and love soliloquies over the sound system before starting the movie. The next day we will swim in a sparkly lake that will be so cold that we won’t be able to feel our legs, but we’ll do it anyway, shrieking the entire time. I’ll get a stupid sunburn as I do every year because I will miss one patch of skin when applying sunscreen. We will eat tomato sandwiches on the beach and get gritty sand in our teeth. I will eat blueberries and have bright blue lips. I will read a trashy novel and smear the pages with greasy sunscreen fingerprints. The sound of the water and the sunshine warming my skin will lull me into a glorious, hazy stupor.

We’ll drive back into the city rejuvenated, greasy and relaxed. I feel very Buddha-like after a summer getaway, partly because of the bulging Buddha belly escaping from my bathing suit, but mainly because of my ability to feel mindful and present. It is easy to have a fresh perspective and to feel like all is right with the world when the sun shines. Summer is easy that way. If only it would last forever.

4 Responses to “Summer Road Trip”

  1. mlle_ciel Says:

    Sounds like heaven.

  2. morgan Says:

    That sounds FAB! Can you take me please?

  3. drollgirl Says:

    oh you little summer baby. you are just reveling in the season! this is your TIME! live it up!

    unlike YOU, summer makes me grouchy. getting ready this morning i was SWEATING. blergh! the heat! it puts me in a foul mood. all in all it isn’t THAT hot yet, but it is a coming. ack!

    p.s. i was in stupid vegas for the weekend where temps got up to 109. i almost COMBUSTED each time i had to step outdoors. lol

  4. aig63 Says:

    So what trashy novel did you choose??