Camping High Hopes

The Sweetie and I are making another attempt at camping. Hopefully this trip will not involve torrential rains and zombie teeth as it did last year.

I love the idea of being in nature, sleeping under the stars and cooking over a fire. It is only once I’m out in the woods that I remember that mosquitoes love me, I am afraid of bears and I have a nightly bubble bath habit.

As I am packing the cooler with tasty snacks and planning a cute camping outfit I am filled with delighted anticipation. I am looking forward to feeling like a brave, rugged frontier woman.

Manicured fingers crossed!

2 Responses to “Camping High Hopes”

  1. mlle_ciel Says:

    Does moving the TV into my bedroom, which is the only air conditioned room in my apartment, and hanging out there for hours on end qualify as camping?

  2. Astra Says:

    Well? How did it go?!