CNE Time Again

It is the final day of the Canadian National Exhibition, which always symbolizes the end of summer. I wasn’t planning on going as I am on a strict summer-isn’t-over campaign, but then a girlfriend called and exclaimed, “I want to eat fried food on a stick, go on  rides, walk through the buildings and buy something stupid! Are you in?” Who can resist that? Of course I’m in. She had me at fried food on a stick. As The Sweetie and I were making our plans I said, “maybe you can try the Behemoth Burger”, a diabolical delicacy consisting of a burger nestled between two grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon optional.

“That’s true,” The Sweetie said, licking his chops, “I can split it with the other meat eaters.” (Since oddly enough they don’t have a vegetarian soy Behemoth on offer). He looked dreamy with anticipation.

“Or we could split the cheeseburger between two Krispy Kreme donuts. Or I could try the chocolate dipped bacon.” He continued.

I was sure that I saw a faint trickle of saliva forming in the corner of his mouth.

“Or we could have the deep fried butter!” I added excitedly.

There was silence as The Sweetie snapped out of his revelry and stared at me like I had grown three heads.

“That’s just disgusting.” He said.

2 Responses to “CNE Time Again”

  1. aig63 Says:

    My meatatarian has often talked about such a diabolical delicacy – I thought it was only in his dreams. I took the 3 young ‘uns to the Ottawa Ex last year for the first time (slightly smaller scale than the CNE so no bohemoth burger in sight), only then to sadly realize it was its last year in operation :(
    I’m with you – summer is NOT over….

  2. drollgirl Says:

    i like me some deep fried food, but i draw the line at deep fried butter! and maybe that is because i was caught eating a CUBE OF BUTTER when i was a kid. no joke.