September Denial

It may say September first on the calendar but I declare September to be the new August. I am determined to remain in a state of denial until the snow falls. I will wear white pants after labour day. I will wear open toe shoes until my toes turn blue. I will continue to paint my nails cheery bright colours. I will eat my weight in peaches. I will have friends over for a barbeque and game of croquet even if we are wrapped in blankets and our trembling fingers can’t grip the mallets. I will make watermelon rind preserve, even though I’m not a huge fan of watermelon or preserves for that matter, I will make it anyway because it sounds summery. I will be so busy having barbeques, wearing summer frocks and making watermelon preserve that i will not notice the leaves changing colour or the days getting shorter.

It is summer it is summer it is summer.

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