Apologies and Readings

I had a little dust up with my buffet buddy last week. He confessed that he was feeling resentful about my errant friend behaviour. I had dropped the ball when making plans too many times in a row. I let life get in the way and allowed my anti-social, introverted tendencies to take over. I was grateful for the tongue lashing. It was a good wake up call. Sometimes ego and defensiveness need to be set aside and crappy behaviour needs to be acknowledged. Admitting it, apologizing and trying to make it right hopefully moves me to the category of short term jerk rather than long range asshole.

We decided to go to a book reading at a pub as a reconciliatory evening out. It seemed a perfect way to iron out any residual weirdness since there would be distractions and alcohol involved. We worked things out, we clinked glasses and enjoyed the readings. One of the authors was someone I have respected for a while. I know from past experience that I should not approach people I admire. I tend to get overly excited and then I babble. Years ago The Sweetie and I met documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield at Hot Docs. He was in the lobby after a film and I decided to approach him, sure that I would make an insightful comment and then be on my way. Instead I started gushing. I know I said something about his film “rocking my world” ( I never say that) and that “I was going to go home and weep.” I felt The Sweetie’s hand tighten on my arm in warning. Nick Broomfield looked perplexed and slightly disturbed as his handler pulled him away.

“That was then,” I thought to myself as I sashayed over to where the author was seated, a smart and writerly comment rehearsed in my mind. “I used to live in a haunted house but the rent was really cheap!” I blurted instead. I felt myself perspiring but I persevered and tried my best to be charming.

At the end of the night my buddy and I embraced and agreed that we were cool. I started home, enjoying the peace that comes from walking in the rain when things work out. I was happy to have faced a confrontation, preserved a friendship and set my ego aside. I was content.

I got home and smiled at myself in the mirror. That is when I noticed that I had giant pieces of Caesar salad embedded in my teeth. Not little specks of green but mammoth tooth obliterating chunks. The whole time that I thought I was being witty and insightful while chatting with writers I had an entire salad bowl stuck in my teeth. I thought that I had effectively eaten humble pie that evening but apparently I still needed a slap across the teeth with a head of romaine. I guess me and my buffet buddy aren’t completely cool just yet.

5 Responses to “Apologies and Readings”

  1. zoltan Says:

    Oh yes we are! i love you, my freshly reconciled, lettuce-toothed buffetbuddy :-) xoxo

  2. cheap girl Says:

    I love you too lettuce ignorer!

  3. aig63 Says:

    Ah well, perhaps he was just getting even ;-)
    *Now*, you’re cool!

  4. drollgirl Says:

    LOLOLOLOLOL! boy, did your friend ever get you back! wow! killlllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!

    my story isn’t nearly as good as yours, but i used to have a pretty hard crush on henry rollins (former singer of punk band black flag — big, burly, intense — NOM NOM — look up his pic if you don’t know him. you’ll probably be mortified). wellllllllll, one day i was walking across a parking lot in west hollywood on my way to get my nails done. a fancy black bmw almost ran me down. and guess who was driving?!?!? HENRY ROLLINS (also known as hank to his friends and enemies). i saw his unmistakable mug as i opened my fat yap to curse the driver out, and possibly throw my keys at the offending/offensive vehicle. i was in a blind rage and i yelled out FUCK YOU, HANK!!!! we made eye contact!!!! GAH!!!!!!! my one chance to actually connect with the dude and i was in a red-faced rage!!!!! i still struggle with whether or not i should have a crush on a hot dude that almost killed me. DOY!

    lame story. yours was WAY BETTER!!!!

  5. morgan Says:

    that’s awesome! waaaaaay better than having a complete stranger tell you that your dress is stuck between your ass cheeks. And yes, that ACTUALLY happened to me!