I am a cliche. I am not proud to be a stereotype but I love firemen. They aren’t like cops who seem too testosterone driven and just want to boss people around and be intimidating. Firemen are all brawny and heroically throw themselves in the face of danger to save lives, then use their ladders to help kittens out of trees. After a shift of rescuing they return to their cute spotted dogs at the fire station. What’s not to love? My admiration is now solidified after hearing about the story of two firemen who gave mouth to snout resuscitation to a dog that had succumbed to smoke inhalation. Giant dreamy sigh.

2 Responses to “Swooning”

  1. drollgirl Says:

    giant dreamy sigh?!?!? LOLOLOLOL! firemen man are hot! most times! very likeable.

    i dated a fireman once. he was HAWT HAWT HAWT with a body that wouldn’t quit. but he was super SUPER SUPER vain. which was annoying. and i think i was too porky for him. lol

  2. morgan Says:

    I saw this video posted by a number of different people and I agree – how can you NOT like fireman after watching? Although I know first hand that not all firemen are hot. Some inner city firemen are big ole sloppy fat boys unfortunately. but good thing for us, most of them are hot.