Damages and Me

knitted toilet paper roll

The Sweetie and I have been obsessively watching old episodes of Damages. Thanks to his herniated disc and limited movement we have been lounging on the floor guilt free and have made our way through the first three seasons in a month.

Excessive hours of television viewing have given me the opportunity to make a knitted toilet paper roll for my friend’s birthday. We alternate between calling each other buffet buddies and poo buddies. We are base like that. Once he made me truffles and said that his dog pooed them out for me. I once baked him cookies molded like poo. When I saw a pattern for a knitted toilet paper roll I knew I had to get to work. I realize there are people who would look at a knitted toilet paper roll and ask why? Who would do such a thing and who has that much time on their hands? Maybe I should be doing more with my life but if I get a chuckle out of the birthday boy it will be time well spent. I won’t be an accomplished Manhattan lawyer capable of cutting the throats of anyone who gets in my way but I will measure my accomplishments by other means. The ruthless Glenn Close has made me acknowledge the fact that I would be eaten alive in most workplaces.

“Can you imagine what it would be like if I were ambitious?” I asked The Sweetie.

“No, no I cannot,” he answered immediately.

I am not driven and I don’t feel a need to force it. That may be seen as a bad thing in our success oriented culture that measures worth by prestige and money, but if things are competitive or I move too quickly I get anxious. I always hated team sports for the same reason. Actually, I hated team sports because I am not a team player, I suck at athletics and I couldn’t imagine facing a bunch of people wanting me to fail so that they could win. Who feels like it when we could all be relaxing and eating snacks instead.

I watch Damages as a cautionary tale. Look where ambition is leading the wide eyed ingenue lawyer. Her life is in shambles and “trust no one” is the recurring theme. Maybe if she was sitting at home knitting useless toilet paper rolls she wouldn’t be in the pickle she is in now.

6 Responses to “Damages and Me”

  1. Tim Says:

    Gotta ask – is it washable/reuseable???? ;-)


  2. zoltan Says:

    That handknitted little thing made one birthday boy very happy today, thank you :-) xoxo

  3. cheap girl Says:

    You’re welcome!!

  4. drollgirl Says:

    well my canadian twin, you have convinced me that i need to watch this show.

    i hate sports. mostly because i suck at them, but also because somebody always loses in competitive sports. how depressing is that?!?!? why even bother?!?!?!? who needs to win if you might lose?! sounds like a waste of time to me.

  5. Astra Says:

    It’s adorable!!
    Buffet buddies and poo buddies? Best line!

  6. Eloise C. Says:

    Sports – ugh! Field hockey in high school. Shattered shins. Battered self-esteem.

    Gotta say that I love your blog! I, too, live life on the cheap. What’s the point in having a lot of stuff? After a while, I forget I have it. Duh…

    Read the bit about the Xmas tree and lugging same. Great laugh, though I’m sure it wasn’t so much at the time. Hope the MRI came out well. Hope you don’t need one yourself, due to tree lugging!