Cranky Sunday

I woke up crabby this morning. It may be because I couldn’t sleep and ended up contorted on the couch. I woke up to find the cat with his nails embedded in the couch determined to stick a claw in my face. He looked furious that I wasn’t placed at a more convenient angle for him to swat me.

The real reason I am crabby is because I am going to an all day Reiki course today. It seemed like a good idea at the time when I signed up. My astrologer had recommended this particular course, mentioning that he practices Reiki on the neighbourhood cats. I was thrilled by the idea of being a Pied Piper, bestowing healing energy on dogs and cats I would encounter. I imagined myself in a pet parade, my adoring furry companions marching by my side.  Now that the day is here I am regretting my choice. I am resentful that The Sweetie and I can’t have our usual Sunday croissant walk. I am anxious that the course will run late and interfere with me being able to watch the red carpet before the Academy Awards. It also might cut into my crucial caramel corn preparation time. I am resentful about the notice I received informing me that we are not allowed to bring coffee to the course. What kind of course is this if I can’t be sipping a coffee while getting spiritual? I fear that I will be cornered by someone who will drone on about her environmental allergies and stare at me for too long. I suspect that I will be surrounded by new age people who will talk about their chakras and how they feel energy coming out of me. Meanwhile, I will be rolling my eyes, thinking of lunch and craving caffeine. Despite the fact that I have admitted that I have an astrologist and want to energetically heal cats, in general, my new agey-ness is limited to liking crystal necklaces because they look pretty. I don’t relish the idea of nodding meaningfully about feeling other people’s energy pouring from their fingertips. Not today. It looks cold outside. I would much rather be making soup than getting enlightened.

2 Responses to “Cranky Sunday”

  1. Eloise C. Says:

    Ahh, this is exactly how I would feel if caffeine-deprived. Particularly if said deprivation was an instruction received from someone else. I like being in control of my caffeine.

    I get a little itchy thinking about other people’s chakras, nevermind that I don’t know what a chakra is. It sounds new-agey and I am a cynic by nature. But then again, I didn’t think I would like yoga, and I do.

    But it does sound so sweet, Pied Piper-ing the neighborhood furry friends. Anything that can convince a cat to do something must be worth trying. It might help with the furry friend who wishes to insert a claw or two in the middle of the night.

    Hope you got the Red Carpet in. And by now, a large dose of caffeine!

    Wonderful post!

  2. drollgirl Says:

    AAHAHHAHDFAHFHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!! girl, you are TOO MUCH! you make me cackle!!!!!

    i get so excited and ENTHUSIASTIC when making plans, and then i start to regret said and exciting plans within a nano-second. the closer i get to REALITY of the event or outing i committed to, the more dread i feel, and the louder i complain.

    hope you enjoyed the course, and that you made it home in time for the red carpet and goodies! ;)