Another Hot Docs

Hot Docs, my favourite festival of the year, has come and gone. I adore documentaries. I love peeking into people’s lives and being inspired, informed or incensed. With so many documentaries in such a short span of time I am petrified that I will be forced to kick myself incessantly when I hear about the amazing ones I missed.

I can rest easy knowing that I saw Charles Bradley: Soul of America. It’s the story of a down and out aspiring singer and James Brown impersonator who released his first album at the age of sixty-two. It is about dreams that won’t die and perseverance, but above all it is about a beautiful soul that couldn’t be crushed despite heartbreaking hardships. Somehow his spirit remained so pure and loving and hopeful. Naturally I cried like a maniac and of course I am going to get his debut album, stat.

When I was describing the movie to my fellow doc nerds one friend looked on in horror and asked, “He wasn’t at the screening was he?”

I knew right away that my friend was concerned for the safety of Charles Bradley because he had witnessed first hand what I can be like when I am overcome with emotion after a documentary. I am not particularly skilled when it comes to pulling myself together after a sobfest. I tend to gush and frighten people.

Enjoy the trailer below and to make it more like a Hot Docs experience imagine a sniveling woman clutching her Kleenex to her chest and doing everything in her power not to burst into spontaneous cheers and applause.

6 Responses to “Another Hot Docs”

  1. Eloise Says:

    Another thing we have in common. The stories of other people grip me. And bring me to tears. And make me wonder how they get through life and experiences that surely would, or should, crush them but don’t. What is it about the human spirit that just refuses to die?

    Holocaust survivors. Somalia. Haiti. People here in this country. People who make their homes in the subway tunnels or sleep next to the steam vents on the streets. And Charles Bradley.

    I cry too. I pour forth like a waterfall and nothing can stop me. This did clip did it to me too. If you and I had been viewing this together, we’d have gone through an entire box of kleenex.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. cheap girl Says:

    I hope the doc will get a wide release so that you can see it. You will need to bring your hanky!

  3. drollgirl Says:

    i love documentaries, too! i have to watch this one!!!!!

    i often get WAY too involved with books and movies and stories. i never really want to MEET the people in them. i think i just like to connect for a minute, get a good cry out of it (or something), and move on. i think i am a user! i also like when they lead a crappier life than me, which makes me feel better.

    yes i am a gigantic asshole today! argh! sorry! :)

  4. cheap girl Says:

    I too like having a good wake up call that people are having crappier lives than I am. Helps when I am yelling to the heavens because my peanut butter and toast fell on the floor.

  5. aig63 Says:

    Will. Buy. Album. Now.
    What a great story. And I, for one, hope you got to meet him (after picking up your peanut butter and toast!). I met a beautiful Soul of America in Dayton a few weeks ago who penned her first book at 60:
    These souls are in their prime :)
    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. cheap girl Says:

    I love hearing about late bloomers! They give me hope! Will check out the link, thank you!
    (and no, luckily for all Charles Bradley wasn’t at the screening, otherwise I may have spontaneously combusted!)