My New Best Friend

This weekend I was at the annual Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, which is a sumptuous drool-fest of fabulous art. What could be better on a summer’s day? Sunshine, eye candy and overpriced but delicious ice cream bars make for a perfect afternoon.

After taking a brief break on the grass to eat chip truck french fries I spotted a booth that looked extra colourful and cheerful. It was filled with exuberant embroidered portraits of some of my favourite icons. I gasped when I saw Will Ferrel in my favourite incarnation as Ron Burgundy. A Bill Murray portrait was smirking at me. I spotted Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys and almost started applauding. Here was an artist happily honouring the unsung heroes of lowbrow humour. I nearly fainted when I saw David Sedaris staring back at me in embroidered form.

Art doesn’t always have to make serious statements, make us furrow our brows and rub our chins in deep contemplation. It can be whimsical and make us happy. I studied my new favourite artist’s website and discovered that she was a shy child growing up and loved McDonalds french fries. I was a shy french fry eater as well. Obviously we would have been best friends growing up and could have snorted over immature movies and fart jokes together. It is clear that I am destined to have her art on my walls. The embroidered David Sedaris will be mine.

8 Responses to “My New Best Friend”

  1. Grunge Queen Says:

    That’s hilarious. How big are the portraits? I miss the Outdoor Art Show. My twin sis was in it this year, and she did really well. :)

  2. cheap girl Says:

    They are embroidery hoop size and they are AWESOME! What does you twin sis do, maybe I visited her booth?

  3. Astra Says:

    Talk about a niche! Now I know how to decorate my boys’ room (come on over, Ron Burgundy)!

  4. cheap girl Says:

    Ron Burgundy is the best!!

  5. drollgirl Says:

    HA!!!! i love art, ESPECIALLY when it makes me laugh!

    david sedaris rules! not sure what he would think about this depiction of him, but whatever! ;)

  6. cheap girl Says:

    When David finally realizes that he and I should hang out I will make sure to ask him what he thinks of his portrait!

  7. Eloise Says:

    I was a shy child embroiderer (is that a word?). I’m still into it. I do crewel. Looks suspiciously similar to what this is. Anyway, this is total talent! Great faces!

  8. cheap girl Says:

    I bet you would have been a very cute child embroiderer. I was one too!