Double Layer Jeans

I am constantly getting emails for all kinds of coupon deals and I never have the heart to unsubscribe. They give me the illusion of popularity when I see that I have fifteen new messages in my inbox. Never mind that they are usually for discount dinners and cheap laser hair removal. I love a deal and have often succumbed to these temptations although they have at times led me to sketchy massage establishments and mani pedi places that look like toenail fungi labs.

Today’s discounted offering was for Double Layer Jeans built to keep a girl warm yet stylish for a mere $29. The biting cold is setting in, the house has zero insulation and it feels like I am living in a meat packing plant. The Double Layer Jeans promise to “accentuate the shape of my legs” while keeping me warm and cozy. I have my suspicions. How do these denim purveyors know that I want to accentuate my legs that at best resemble two generous loaves of challah bread.

These days, I am struggling to pull up my single layer jeans, breaking a sweat despite the frigid temperatures in my drafty bedroom. I am finding my own method for dealing with the cold. I am self medicating with a lot of carbs. There’s a winter double layer for you.

10 Responses to “Double Layer Jeans”

  1. Astra Says:

    Hope you got them in multiple colours!! Somehow I think these stylish double layer jeans are not quite the same as my Sears flannel-lined jeans.

  2. cheap girl Says:

    I just saw something called the nap-sack that you may have to add to your arsenal!

  3. Eloise Says:

    Agree with Astra – Go to LL Bean or somewhere sensible. And probably those jeans are made out of denim thin as tissue paper. Twenty-nine dollars? I don’t think so…..

    Hope you warm up! That challa looks good…


  4. cheap girl Says:

    I could definitely go for a loaf of challah right now!

  5. Mlle Ciel Says:

    What shape are the legs of the women in the photo? They look like match sticks even in lined jeans! I do love lined jeans — just saw some in an ad for Marks Work Wearhouse

  6. Bella Says:

    Kristine, methinks you should subscribe to a challah newsletter and forego on the jeans one. I’m sorry, but give me carbs over cheap jeans that more than likely accentuate my cellulite. Carbs? You can never go wrong there, friend! :)

  7. cheap girl Says:

    I’ll have to quiz you about your lined jeans experience. They must be great for camping and all your canoeing trips.

  8. cheap girl Says:

    You’re right, carbs won’t let you down. I will start searching for that challah newsletter stat!

  9. drollgirl Says:

    accentuate the shape of my legs. NO THANKS! leave my bulk and lumps and bumps ALONE! i try to disguise the thunder thighs and monster calves, not ACCENTUATE them! yeeesh!!!!!

    carbs! oh delicious carbs. i am trying this new diet out and all you can eat is protein and veggies. no dairy. no bread. no rice. no grains. NO SUGAR. this is all an attempt to recover my waist so that i can squeeeeeeeeze back into some of my jeans that fit LAST year (and i have stupid doctor visits looming where they insist on WEIGHING YOU — the horror), but we will see how this goes. lol

  10. cheap girl Says:

    I think my waist does not want to be found.. Good luck on the the hideous diet, I can’t imagine a life without carbs…