Snacking Fox

I have been missing in action from this blog.  As my sister recently pointed out, I am a terrible multitasker. Lately I have been busy deciding whether to have another midlife crisis, packing, and preparing to move that checking in on the blog has taken a back seat.

However, I have not been too busy to enjoy multiple viewings of this delightful snacking fox. If I can find a new career feeding marshmallows to cute woodland creatures I know that everything will be okay.

10 Responses to “Snacking Fox”

  1. Astra Says:

    I cannot BELIEVE that someone would actually feed a wild animal marshmellows … without at least a little hot chocolate. Oh well, he (or she) does look pretty satisfied! Hope your moving prep is going well!

  2. cheap girl Says:

    You’re right! Cocoa would be a good addition. Or S’mores!

  3. Bella Says:

    Kristine, this is the cutest thing ever! I’m very much like this little fox. I love marshmallows! :)

  4. cheap girl Says:

    Marshmallows are pretty great! I love how efficient he was at burying the extras with his nose!

  5. drollgirl Says:

    wah! so adorable! i think marshmallows are gross (who needs a low-calorie spongy and powdery treat?! gimme something buttery and chocolatey and filled with fat and calories!), so i would gladly feed them to adorable furry creatures!

    hang in there girl!!!!! you have a lot going on! i hope life gets easier and that things settle down for you soon!

  6. Eloise Says:

    This is a repost; my internet died.

    So cute! Do you think he can plant bulbs?????

    I’ve been missing from my own blog and commenting on everyone else’s. Deciding on whether to have a(nother) later-than-midlife-crisis myself. Shake things up a little, make life interesting. Good luck with packing. Moving will definitely send you running for the Valium. Wish I could send you some.


  7. cheap girl Says:

    I love anything filled with fat and calories, buttery chocolately goodness is the best!

  8. cheap girl Says:

    Thanks for the valium offer. Good luck with your shaking things up plan!

  9. drollgirl Says:

    i hope you are doing ok! i can’t keep up with all either!

    your last comment made me cackle! your comments ALWAYS make me cackle!!!!

  10. cheap girl Says:

    YOUR comments always make me cackle!! Thanks for all of them!