Moving Thoughts

The big move is tomorrow. I am stumbling around boxes, seem to be covered in assorted mystery bruises and every room looks like a tornado has swept through it. I am wondering how my things manage to unpack themselves and replace themselves in drawers so that it looks like I have not packed at all.

As crunch time approaches and my eyes are bulging further out of my head, a few thoughts:

  • Maybe my weeks of playing online Sudoku in the hopes of becoming an internet champion wasn’t the best use of my time.
  • Ditto on re-reading every card sent to me by my bestie in high school . A nostalgic revisit of my youth should have been saved for a time when I didn’t need to pack.
  • I wonder if it is possible to overdose on Rescue Remedy and if I do overdose will I be so mellow that  I won’t care.
  • I wish I had interrogated the owner of the neighbourhood dog who freaks out if you are holding a cup of coffee. I have never had a chance to hear the full story.
  • I should have eaten more almond croissants from the amazing patisserie down the street when I had the chance. I don’t know why I have become a croissant slacker.
  • I am craving vegetables which is a sure indicator that I have become a toxic wasteland of fast food.
  • Maybe I didn’t need to spend all that time searching for Nutella recipes so that I wouldn’t need to pack the half empty Nutella jar.
  • I am starting to suspect that my last client who saw my (unpacked) boxes and said “don’t worry, the box fairies will come and pack for you overnight while you are sleeping,” may have been lying.

7 Responses to “Moving Thoughts”

  1. drollgirl Says:

    oh girl. the big move is happening. FINALLY. it will be good to get it done. moving is a COLOSSAL PAIN IN THE ASS, but you know that already. UGH!!!! i took a psych class in college and remember hearing that death is the #1 most stressful event to go through, and MOVING is the #2 most stressful thing to endure. seriously. moving is harsh! but i hope you love your new digs and that you can settle in soon. hang in there!!!!!!

  2. Astra Says:

    Hilarious! Good luck with the move and hopefully the box fairies join you on the other end ;-)

  3. Eloise Says:

    I see you are now moved – just. I’m feeling your angst. Stay well-carbed, well-coffeed/chocolated, and well-raw-veggied. May all your boxes unpack themselves and contents land in the logical places where you will find them. And may the kitchen get organized. I swear, kitchens are the worst. There’s more stuff in kitchens than any other room. Why, I ask myself, do I have five pairs of salad tongs?

    I generally solve the moving problem by throwing everything away, as much as possible. I’ve kind of a minimalist and don’t care about clothes because I hate shopping – dressing room lights are specifically designed to cause celllulite to take on a florescent glow. Furniture – old furniture – is my downfall. Fortunately, the movers haven’t made me empty the drawers before moving.

    Best ‘o luck. Remember, this too will pass!

  4. Linda Says:

    Dear dear one
    good luck on move and I will find you in new year- been a crazy year and I have no work- there fore no money!
    Good luck and it looks to be a great location.

  5. cheap girl Says:


  6. cheap girl Says:

    Thank you! I have the caffeine and chocolate covered, no raw veggies but two out of three ain’t bad, right? I am envious of your mininmalist ways! I need to become a minimalist pronto since I seem to have zero space for unpacking.

  7. cheap girl Says:

    Thanks you! Looking forward to catching up!